Our stable offers guided forest trail rides in the beautiful Eau Galle Park area and The Promise Land. Just 25 miles east of Hudson, WI. Enjoy our land and park on horseback through meandering trails that cross water and go up and down hills. When you arrive, you can expect to be greeted like family. We’ll assign you a horse based on your size and ability. A detailed riding demonstration is just one of the benefits we offer so you have a safe and comfortable ride while our courteous wranglers are there to help along the way. No matter when you’re riding, there’s no better way to enjoy the beauty than on horseback. We have horses suited for all abilities!

Greetings from the Promise Land Wisconsin,

Promise Land Ministries is working with Union Gospel Mission, Heart of the City and Akina Church to put on an event in the Little Earth Native American Community on September 13 – see below.  Shoes u0026amp; socks will be collected  u0026amp; distributed to the Native American Children that live in the housing project area. How you can help:

  1. Collect shoes and socks from your family u0026amp; friends
  2. Collect shoes and socks at garage sales this summer
  3. Purchase shoes and socks at stores, on Clearance or discount shelves
  4. Make a cash donation to Promise Land Ministries designated to purchase shoes u0026amp; socks
  5. Drop the shoes u0026amp; socks off at Akina Church in Minneapolis, The Village Church Office in Baldwin, Wi, or bring them to the event on 9/13
  6. Help with distributing shoes on 9/18 from noon – 3 PM

If you reply about volunteering please specify date and time frame you can be there. Thanks!

Rick Barto

“As for me and my horse we will serve the Lord”

Feed a Horse this Winter: Feed a horse for 1-6 months of the winter. The cost to feed each horse this winter is about $75 a month for grain and hay. So pick one of our awesome horses – Cheyenne, Jewel, Cody, Izzy, Dusty, Zeus or  Wishbone (aka Woodstock) and send your tax deductible donation to Promise Land Ministries, W2571 890th Ave, Spring Valley, WI 54767 or donate online at www.promiselandministriesinc.org. If you donate online please send a note to rick@mvavolleyball.com so I know it’s there.

By feeding a horse this winter, you will allow us to continue to Help us to share God’s love in so many ways:

  1. Trail rides with guys from Union Gospel Mission
  2. Trail rides with women from Breaking Free
  3. Pony rides at Gospel Hill Camp
  4. Pony rides at Praise in The Park
  5. Pony rides at The Native American Housing project
  6. Pony rides at Volleyballoween
  7. Trail rides with Japanese college exchange students

Giddy Up for Jesus,

Rick Barto – Head Wrangler

“As for me and my horse we will serve the Lord”

Support Promise Land Ministries: Help us to continue to share God’s love by having guys from Union Gospel Mission or women from Breaking Free out to trail  ride or give pony rides at Gospel Hill Camp, Praise in The Park, The Native American Housing project and Volleyballoween as we engage communities,  build Kingdom relationships u0026amp; Giddy Up for Jesus. You can support us by:

Volunteer: There is nothing more valuable to us than our volunteers. We are grateful for all of you that have shared your time and life by assisting at a Promise Land Event.

Fall Color Rides: Come out for a trail ride this fall. All proceeds from trail rides go to care for our horses and outreach.

Make a Donation: Make a donation online at www.promiselandministriesinc.org or mail a check to PLM, W2571 890th Ave, Spring Valley, WI 54767. Donations are tax exempt.

Your Valued Donations Are Needed!

There are numerous ways to help the ministry:

  1. Help feed the horses this winter – Please consider sponsoring a horse to feed for 1-6 months this winter. The cost is $80 a month and you can pick the horse of your choice and how many months you are willing to feed them. Promise Land horses are Cheyenne,  Jewel,  Cody,  Izzy,  Dusty,  Zeus and Woodstock. You may mail a check or make a Paypal donation!
  2. Gift Certificates –  Please consider giving a certificate for a trail ride.  You will be sure to please someone and support our ministry at the same time.
  3. Go on a trial ride!  We are open all season, weather cooperating!
  4. Donate money in the name of someone or self!  We accept tax deductible donations.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope we can count on you for the support of the horse ministry!  God Bless.